Tech gifts for college students

How do I find what processor a particular laptop has.

11 cool tech gifts for college students. Because they deserve it.

The Netatmo Weather Station measures the level of CO2 indoors and sends a warning when you need to air out your home. Basically, it takes better low-light photos than before.

This is the backpack your college student should be toting from class to class. Inno one is shlepping a heavy stereo to the park to play Ultimate Frisbee, but simply putting on your favorite playlist on your cellphone won't be loud enough either.

If you prefer a different style or want different software, then consider the UP by Jawbone. Think of this as the electrical wall outlet for the 21st century.

20 must-have back to school, college gadgets and gifts: 2017

With the reality of extensive book lists each and every semester and college bookstore markupsyou'll likely end up recouping the cost of your e-reader in savings. Most people don't take the time to think about what processor they're getting before they purchase a laptop.

It's thin and lightweight at. The Anker PowerCore Speed is a slim and attractive charger that can power a number of devices at once. These 5th generation CPUs have up to twice as much battery life as some older processors. Buy now from OnePlus Moto G5 Plus Looking for a new phone for your college student, but perhaps want to do it on a bit of a tighter budget.

Kinivo ZX College students love their music, but carrying a speaker system with you to college is impractical. This gadget also has life-of-the-party potential: I, for one, don't blame them. Nimbus smart dashboard Image: The Parrot Bebop is one of the most popular recreational use drones on the market and its small and lightweight enough for out-of-the-box usage.

You'll have to recharge the Bebop's battery often between flights, but it will be fun to capture video footage on beautiful fall days from high above the campus. This lipstick-sized device will recharge their cellphone while they are on the go and make sure they never run out of power.

The mirrors, which began with a Kickstarter campaign, come in several colors and contain a 3-way charging cable and a carrying bag. It does have limitations: Even jungle juice of the most unnatural hue tastes a little better chilled.

The number that follows corresponds with the generation of processor. It does have limitations: Adding this trusted brand to a bag full of tech will ensure safe and reliable power whenever it is needed in college life. Swapping the traditional wall outlet in your apartment or off-campus residence for this one lets you charge up to four devices simultaneously.

Everyone might be talking about the Apple Watch, but if you want to get your favorite college student the smartwatch they'll really get the most out of, check out the Surge from FitBit. Alexa gives you just that in a compact little package for a ridiculously cheap price. Thus, you should be looking for a laptop that has a 5 in front of the CPU model.

The Chromecast is a great, but if you don't understand its limitations you can get frustrated. Contact Author This year's Macbook Air is one worth purchasing. Another thing I really like about this device is that you can purchase multiple speakers and daisy chain them together for additional sound.

Why this particular model. Christmas time is coming again, and it's no secret that most college students want tech-related gifts. As you can see the Anker model is actually quite small. It is not in itself an entertainment device. Aug 24,  · The college students of yesteryear packed their laptop computer and a graphing calculator when they went off to school in late August.

Today's tech-focused coeds take a large array of tech. Christmas time is coming again, and it's no secret that most college students want tech-related gifts. I, for one, don't blame them.

20 must-have back to school, college gadgets and gifts: 2017

Technology not only makes their work at college easier, it can also make it more enjoyable. Woven from pure cotton, this intricate tapestry brings soft, Indian-inspired art to your walls. A medallion design at the center is accented by a geometric background in bold hues for.

27 Gifts That Any College Student Will Really, Really Appreciate 20 Awesome Gifts Any College Student Will Totally Love Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Gifts for students headed back to the classroom. CNET. Best back-to-school tech for under $ Best wireless speakers for students.

Best wireless speakers for students. Aug 04,  · It's the time of year when the next generation of college students is gearing up to go -- and there's plenty on the market for improving study and brightening up a dorm room.

Tech gifts for college students
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